For many years, CBD and athletes barely fit in the same sentence. The cause ? Many confused it with THC, thinking that it would get athletes high. The trend has changed nowadays; to such an extent that the world anti-doping agency withdraws CBD from the list of doping substances in 2018. The report states on this subject:

Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited

(cannabidiol is no longer prohibited). That said, what are the benefits of CBD for athletes ?


Athletes and injuries are inseparable. Every player in a sport, regardless of their nature and the amount of effort involved, faces injury at some point in their career. Moreover, very often, these injuries occur in difficult times. Either in full competition. Either at the start of a. Right now, everyone’s wish is to get well as quickly as possible. But for that, we would have to resort to a miracle. Failing to have any, the person concerned is satisfied with conventional treatments which tend to extend over time. The smartest athletes find a natural way to speed up healing from their injuries. Which one? the CBD! In fact, the latter, with its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, not only relieves pain; but hastens the recovery. To be tested absolutely.


Before talking directly about CBD in athletes with cramps , it is important to explain the term. At least, for people he would be unknown to. This is because cramps are painful contractions that occur involuntarily. It is necessary to point out that they are generally not symptoms of a latent disease. In the same vein, it should be noted that these remain temporary. However, they very often affect the parts of the body most used by any athlete: the arms and legs. Therefore, getting rid of it is an urgent matter. On that note, CBD is a natural solution for cramps. On the one hand, it reduced the pain. On the other hand, it relaxes the affected muscle and therefore promotes its repair. The athlete becomes operational as soon as possible!

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From the outset, precision is required. Aches are not the preserve of athletes. Anyone who is physically active in another area can be a victim. So, the following is valid for athletes as well as for other individuals. In fact, what is a stiffness? The latter is muscle pain, usually not serious, which appears after intense physical exertion. In fact, this pain arises from microtraumas on the muscle fibers. So said, why use CBD to relieve muscle soreness?? On the one hand, because, during competition, athletes need to recover quickly for the following phases. On the other hand, because, like cramps, these microtraumas create pain. So, a natural, fast and soothing treatment is required. Which one? Without doubt, cannabidiol.


Each athlete carries with him his dose of stress. The reasons are many and depend on the person. These may be the stakes that are too high; which generates great pressure. It can even be personal issues that affect the professional appearance. Regardless, the need remains the same: to get rid of this stress to ensure. In this vein, what is the action of CBD on stress in athletes ? Indeed, cannabidiol has an anxiolytic property. In other words, it acts on the parts of the brain responsible for stress. Instead of getting high, stoned like THC, it relaxes and relaxes the subject. As a result, the previously stressed person regains their composure and can concentrate again. Therein lies the usefulness of CBD!


Each sport has the capacity to influence the mood of the practitioners. Depending on the stakes or the results obtained, the athletes can be: either in a good mood or in a bad mood. These changes impact performance. Which, in turn, can have great consequences. Therefore, it is crucial that any athlete can regulate his mood. The goal is to be able to give the best of him (or her) as much as possible. Do they have to binge on chemicals with side effects? The answer is no. The natural solution to regulate mood in athletes is CBD. The latter acts on serotonin or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT). Which tempers dopamine, the hormone responsible for happiness. Thanks to CBD, each athlete maintains control over his mood, without poisoning his body.



What would become of an athlete if his heart finally gave out? More than a shadow of itself! In fact, this heavily used part of the body deserves the highest possible attention. Moreover, this does not only concern physically active people. Every individual is questioned. The heart is at the center of everything. The better it is, the better the performance. The less it is, the worse it is. Therefore, any (natural!) Trick to take care of him is welcome. So, it’s time to move on to the benefits of CBD on the heart . In fact, cannabidiol has a vasorelaxant effect. Otherwise, it reduces the tone of the muscle wall of the arteries. Which keeps many heart problems away. In this case: ischemia (stopping or insufficient blood circulation).


One of the enemies of top athletes or amateurs is the weight of age. Aging is a grace, of course, but everyone would like to be able to enjoy their passion for as long as possible. Alas! Time passes, dragging with it the vigor of the athletes. Possible to suspend it? In surrealist series and films, YES. In real life, NO. Its effects are irreversible. Without suspending it, everyone can nevertheless limit their action on the body. For athletes, CBD is a natural solution to slow the aging of cells. How to explain this phenomenon ? This is because cannabidiol is an anti-oxidant. On the one hand, it prevents cells from aging quickly. On the other hand, it participates in the regeneration of the cellular system. Basically, its contribution, in this case, is twofold.


From the outset, this point may seem irrelevant. Why ? Because, by default, it is not directly related to sport. So a tune-up is needed. What are the main circumstances in which an urge to vomit (nausea!) Can occur? They are many. Or in the event of illness. Either at the sight of a disgusting reality. Either in case of pregnancy or consumption of too much alcohol. However, a context was intentionally omitted! Exerting extreme physical effort can lead to nausea. This reaction of the body is noticeable in several athletes. Having said that, what then is the relationship between CBD and nausea? The cannabidiol is an anti-emetic . It fights nausea and regulates the digestive organs.



This sub-part is located halfway between several others that have preceded it. Clearly, a small precision would facilitate understanding. Why is it important for an athlete to sleep well? Main reason: muscle recovery. The more a person rests, the more efficient they will be. In this vein, what can be a brake on sleep? This is where a retrospective is needed. There are many reasons. However, only those already discussed above are taken into account. First, an injury. Then, muscle aches. Finally, stress. By the way, mood problems. The action of CBD for these previous cases was presented upstream. To this, we should add this sequel. The CBD is a natural sedative. Therefore, athletes who take it are less prone to experience insomnia problems.


There are several types of sports. The classification here is done by degree of intensity. Some sports are relatively more violent than others. The practitioners of these who are particularly targeted in this sub-section. Why is that ? Because, very often, injuries are legion. In this logic, they can even affect a sensitive part of the body; namely the brain. Therefore, the ideal would be to strengthen it effectively and naturally. On the subject, CBD is important for concussion(cerebral lesion – brain-damage). How to explain this? This is because cannabidiol has a neuroprotective effect. In other words, this molecule strengthens the brain against the harmful fallout from a concussion. From this angle, people practicing combat sports would benefit from making them their ally of choice. They will naturally be safe!


By referring to received ideas, this subtitle is immediately confusing. Before drawing any hasty conclusions, it is important to clarify the following. The increase in performance here has absolutely nothing to do with doping; even if it sounds like it. In fact, the molecule responsible for this effect is THC; and not CBD. CBD does not make you stoned; does not get high, unlike his sister. The precision thus made, how the CBD (non-doping substance) can it increase the performances of an athlete? The principle is relatively simple. The cannabidiol acts on metabolism . Simply put, it impacts the chemical reactions that allow humans to stay alive, move, perform, and do many other things.

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