In order to better understand the regulations on cannabis in Switzerland , it would be interesting to organize the presentation in groups. Which constitute a mixture of law and futuristic outlook.


From the outset, what about the possession and / or consumption of cannabis in Switzerland ? As in France and other European countries, this is prohibited by law. Said so, it is important to specify that there is a nuance. Which one? Possession and / or consumption of less than 10 grams is tolerated. Beyond this threshold, certain measures are taken. Anyone who has signed up is fined 100 Swiss francs. The equivalent of 90 euros.


What about the distribution or sale of cannabis in Switzerland ? As of this writing, it is illegal. As the laws are constantly changing, the cannabis situation may change. Especially in view of the futuristic outlook in vogue on this side.

Indeed, some initiatives have been set up to move from total repression to controlled consumption of cannabis. By way of illustration, the cannabis clubs in Geneva, Basel, Zurich and Bern. This initiative dates from 2013. What does it consist of? Around 2,000 people are authorized to consume cannabis. The latter comes from aggregated cultures. Having said that, what are the main objectives of this project? On the one hand, to rescue young people addicted to this substance. They could now consume it, but within a rigorous and controlled framework.

On the other hand, the initiative also aims to deal a serious blow to the black market. In fact, several people brew large sums, illegally, thanks to this substance, in Switzerland. This project therefore arises as a possible complement to the regulations in force.


As in France, not everything that revolves around hemp is illegal. In fact, products with a THC content of less than 1% are authorized in Switzerland . Therefore, therapeutic, cosmetic and even food cannabis are indeed topical. Users benefit from their various virtues as they wish. Moreover, and very recently, the Swiss Federal Court indicated that CBD flowers should not be taxed as a tobacco product: this confirms Swiss consumers in the benefits carried by this molecule.

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