COVID-19 has changed the daily life of everyone. From this perspective, travel, sports competitions and other events hardly escape this upheaval. In this regard, Spannabis 2021 , an event related to cannabis will take place. Not face to face, but online. More details below.


Indeed, for those who do not know, Spannabis is a fair dedicated to cannabis. There are many more of this type . In fact, their main purpose is to reflect around the plant. Going in this direction, the secondary objectives are:

  • Take stock of the cannabis sector (legislation, market, studies, research, progress, etc.);
  • Promote networking between professionals in the sector;
  • Open doors to business opportunities;
  • Discover the world of cannabis from top to bottom, for laymen;
  • But also and above all, to have fun.

So said, Spannabis 2021 does not deviate from these objectives. With the difference that this time, the event will be virtual. In this regard, the days chosen are: next March 26 and 27. In fact, although the time interval seems minimal, it is important to know that the dedicated platform will remain accessible 10 days later. Question of allowing everyone to download all the information he / she will need, with the exception of Networking and WhatsApp chats. These will be deactivated.


In fact, to participate in the Spannabis 2021 virtual fair , it is necessary to register. How? ‘Or’ What ? By purchasing a ticket on the official website .

In addition, for the year 2021, the fair will be organized in four major zones. To know :

  1. The exhibition area : divided into 6 Halls of around 50 stands. This will host a little more than 270 exhibitors.
  2. The conference area : It will bring together specialists from all over the world at a crucial time for the cannabis industry and its standardization.
  3. The networking area : this will allow you to get in touch with professionals in the cannabis sector. Perfect opportunity to chat, organize meetings, as well as share and debate via multi-chat channels.
  4. The music area : well-known artists from the Spannabis fair will perform.

As you can see, although being virtual, the meeting promises to be enticing. We invite you to continue the discovery of Spannabis 2021.

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