The medical cannabis definitely takes off. Indeed, the various operators of the hemp and cannabis sector are determined to take the weed industry to the next level. In this logic, many are embarking on a noble battle to show the world the therapeutic virtues of hemp and / or cannabis. Thus said, we mention the professional union of hemp and Ryah Medtech Inc . The latter launched a research program. So let’s find out the details below.


Who is RYAH Medtech Inc ? In fact, RYAH Medtech Inc is a company specializing in plant medicine technology. In other words, it is a company that puts intelligent and revolutionary tools at the service of herbal medicine. The case of hemp or cannabis, in this context.

In the continuation of the above, RYAH Medtech Inc uses powerful, secure and reliable technologies. By way of illustration, let us quote: the cloud, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. The former is known for its ability to store and make available large amounts of data. The second, for its part, is focused on the use of intelligent tools. The last one allows you to create robust, structured and secure programs. 


Indeed, one of the main questions that you could ask yourself is: “the why of the said program”. In a global perception, RYAH Medtech Inc and the partner clinic (remained anonymous) want to develop the field of cannabis or therapeutic hemp. In this regard, Gregory Wagner, CEO of Ryah Medtech Inc expresses himself in these terms:

“By using our finest vaporizers, cartridges and custom software capabilities, the clinic will capture medically relevant seed-to-consumption data from its cannabis-based treatments, which will then be analyzed to assess the safety and efficacy of the drug. medical cannabis, with the aim of advancing evidence-based policy making ”.

From this general objective, we can therefore specify the specific ones. So said, here they are:

  1. To analyze the safety of using cannabis or hemp to treat patients with chronic pain.
  2. Provide reliable, accurate and science-based dosages to patients.
  3. Allow patients to control the parameters (Example: temperature) likely to influence their treatment.
  4. To study the response of patients to the given treatment.
  5. Allow patients to adapt the tools available to them for treatment according to the organism.
  6. Develop policies relating to treatments based on hemp or cannabis.


In fact, Ryah and the pharmaceutical clinic plan to deploy several tools to carry out this program. In this vein, we can quote:

  • The dosing sprays : electronic devices that can release vapor form the active ingredients present in a plant, or oil. Regarding this program, approximately 100,000 will be used.
  • Of cartridges : small containers to add to a spray or an electronic cigarette. Regarding this program, several million cartridges of dry herbs will be used.
  • personalized mobile application and main software : both will be used for the purpose of controlling processes and serving as an interface between the clinic and the patients.


Indeed, the program is supposed to start next December and last for 5 years. Also, the number of expected patients is estimated at 100,000. That said, how will it unfold?

In fact, Ryah and the Pharmaceutical Clinic are planning to use cartridges pre-filled with dry herbs or concentrate. Thus, each user will have to scan the QR code of the cartridge and enter their parameters. Then, RYAH will track exactly how much vapor each inhaled.

Regarding the other part of the process, namely the user experience, the control and the routing of data in real time, Ryah reassures.

“Our vaporizers are smart devices that allow patients to set limits on how much they inhale, track their usage in real time, record how they feel after each session, and review their stats as they go. time, ”said Jordan Medley, RYAH’s director of product operations.

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